Saturday, July 10, 2010

This is't what you think.

First of all, this server is prone to updates, these are awesome as fuck updates, including;
- The Whole RMF package (Minus scout shit, Whoopee!)
-God mode choice for Premium Members.
The one thing that bothers our community is, not the fact that people DON'T join our server, the fact that people do, but only for the new Engineer Achievement Farming, it really fucks off, this ain't a goddamn achievement server, so we will only toggle the class restrictions wen we are requested from someone who will play cooperatively, if we find achievement farmers, you will get an automatic ban.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


G'day mate, users will now be able to Join the Official JusticeCake Server from the Australian server list, so now you bitches don't need to add any shit. Fo' Sho. Note: This will still be a beta test of the server, we're still making final adjustments such as fixing shit, the same ol'.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

First Release of JusticeCake SERVER!

Hi, for all those viewing this blog, this 'blogspot' is about JusticeCake Team Fortress 2 servers. The server is available for everybody, but others may be able to access Premium Membership qualities. The server is not like the old...average Capture the Flag 2fort? But it's modded for your entertainment, players will be able to access skills in which are unable via normal servers. These skills include: building multiple sentries, multiple dispensers, multiple Entrances & Exits, facing low gravity (But not too low!), sentries and dispensers cost only 50 metal, yes, you read correct; 50 METAL ONLY. The best thing is, all accessible FREELY. Premium members will be accessible to shit like; Multiple Scout Jumps, Half-charged uber when spawned, 20 Bonk BALLS for the Sandman, 6 instead of 4 ROCKETS for the soldier, 10 uses of Jarate when spawning as a sniper, UNLIMITED cloak as a spy (Doesn't matter if it's Cloak and Dagger or Ivis watch!). So now what? Click on server list (make sure you're location is set to ALL), and search for "JusticeCake Servers" or add it to your favorites! (Click servers, favorites "Add favorites", and pop in this ip:
So what are you waiting for dummy? Add Jruann to your Steam Friends!